Programs at HTCO are all focused on working with young people of African Descent to build positive identity develop using the following concept:


Person Identity 

(How you define Yourself)


Social Identity
(How you define yourself in relation to society)


Identity Negotiation

(The interaction between your personal identity and social identity)


(Framework adapted from: Pinkett & Robinson, 2010)


Combining culturally relevant/sustaining theoretical practice skills, building upon your existing knowledge in real life community situations. Learn how to position your lived experience as assets and qualifying transferable skills.

Taco Tuesday is a weekly outreach program for young people ages 8-14 years old in the Don Mills and Sheppard Catchment area. The program seeks to welcome young people on a weekly basis by providing free taco’s...

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Ekua Walcott was a community leader who embodied the spirit of African culture and FUN! In honour of her amazing impact, this summer camp offers an exciting...

Nail Essentials is HTCO’s very own social venture! With a focus on community engagement and self-sufficiency Nail Essentials is a community-based nail salon and fundraising source for the organization. In terms of social responsibility, Nail Essentials also provides an opportunity for young women to access a caring adult and mentor, affirm life skills at a comfortable pace, and gain an extended support system.


Our Heritage Reintegration Counselling program effectively engages with young people of African descent between the ages of 14 – 24, through probation who have come in contact with the law.